Flash Programmer is used for programming flash memory in Texas Instruments ARM-based low power RF wireless MCUs via the debug or serial interfaces.

The Flash programmer can be used to program Flash memory in Texas 8051 low power RF wireless MCUs and for upgrading the firmware and startup loader of the SMARTRRF05 Evaluation Card, Smart Transmitter D Evaluation (TRXeB), and CC-Debugger. If you are looking for the best programmer for Texas Instruments' MSP430/432, SimpleLink (CC), C2000, and TIVA-C MCUsthen you can get it from elprotronic.com/pages/ti 


  • Image programming of SW on low power RF wireless MCU 

  • Programming / Update Firmware and Startup Charger on 'USB MCU Evaluation Boards

  • Add a software image to the existing software on the device

  • Read the image of the device software in binary, hexagonal, or elves (elf and bin for ARM devices only)

  • Check the software image on the device against the file

  • Programming flash lock bits

  • Reading / Write Mac Addresses (IEEE EUI64 / 48 / BLE)

  • Read the device information page

  • Command-line interface


Flash programmer 1 and flash programmer 2 are compatible with 32- and 64-bit Microsoft(r) Windows 7 or Windows 10.

Installation Recommendations

  • Save the ZIP file to your hard disk. 

  • For more information on the release, please refer to the manifest file.

  • Follow the instructions and run the setup file.