Electrotherapy is a technique that is increasingly used in pain management. Here, electrical current is applied to the affected areas in order to provide relief from pain and to help in recovery from injuries.

NMES physical therapy is performed to send a controlled signal in order to stimulate the nervous system causing expansion and contraction of muscles. This causes increased blood flow to muscles and hence the nutrients needed for the rehabilitation process are delivered more quickly. EMS machines are used for a variety of purposes. 

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If you are suffering from a few of these issues, then electrotherapy can help you with various health problems: –

1. Helps To Repair Tissues: If you suffer from loss of tissues or injuries, then electrotherapy cannot only enhance microcirculation but also provide protein synthesis, which can help heal the wounds and protect them.

2. Help You To Relieve Pain: If you are having berserk joint pains and need improvement then you should opt for this healing method.

3. Helps To Increase Blood Flow: Electrotherapy can help in inducing venous, lymphatic, and arterial flow in the body.

4. Neuromuscular dysfunction: Electrotherapy can help improve blood flow, help in motor control and also strengthen the brain.