Cycling is such a high-intensity endurance sport that requires a massive intake of carbohydrates, calories, and fat. To maximize your cycling performance, eat a healthy diet rich in vegetables, fresh fruits, lean meats and whole grains.

Additionally, consider taking supplements that are beneficial for cyclists. 

Here are some supplements for cyclists:


Nitrates are naturally occurring substances that are converted into nitric oxide in the body. The main source of nitrates is beet juice. You can easily get the best organic beetroot powder online.

While cycling consumes energy, nitrates increase blood flow, lower blood pressure, move you faster, and reduce energy expenditure during exercise. Before you head off to the race, try this awesome juice shot.


When choosing supplements, many people ask! Why protein? People who exercise vigorously need more dietary protein than any other analogue on the couch.

Powerful cycling breaks the quadriceps, thigh, and calf muscles. To restore energy, the pedal muscles need sufficient protein in their diet.

Multivitamins, fish oil and minerals

Fish oil and multivitamins are real nutritional supplements that you can get through your diet. A decent mineral supplement and multivitamin won't do you any harm.

This is generally seen to cover only the basics of your nutrition. Fish oil, more specifically the essential omega-3 fatty acids, contains a number of health benefits as well as certain performance effects.