You’re smart enough to understand that a bit like this is often a specialized floor, it requires specialized care. Not just any cleaning products will work. You certainly don’t want to void the warranty, or maybe worse, compromise the good ESD flooring properties of the ground. For starters, take an opportunity – for the primary 5 days following a replacement installation, don’t wash or machine scrub the ground. This enables the adhesive to properly bond with the concrete base. Also to stop excess moisture.

The First Steps

Once the primary week has passed, do an initial maintenance cleanup. Wipe or dirt mop the surface to clean all sand, grit, debris, or dirt. Then mix a neutral pH detergent with a little little bit of water during a mop bucket. Dip the mop within the solution and fully wring it out. it’s important to ONLY use a humid mop. don’t flood the ground with a cleaning solution. Use as little liquid as possible to wash the surface.

Dry Maintenance Method 

By restricting the amount of liquid on the floor, you stand the easy chance of avoiding the #1 enemy of ESD flooring – moisture. The Dry Maintenance Method may be a simple, single-step process. Spray clean or burnish the ground employing a 1200 – 1500 rpm rotary buffing machine with appropriate pads (usually white) and a solution containing water, alcohol, and a pH neutral detergent.

Wet Maintenance Method 

Similar to our initial cleanup procedures following installation. The wet maintenance method uses a humid mop and a cleaning solution that has a neutral pH detergent. If the Floor is exposed to grease or oil, a pH-neutral, citrus-based degreasing detergent could also be used.