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Driving a car or running a boat, doing it in an authorized manner always helps avoid troubles. However, a car license isn’t what you need to drive a boat. You have to fulfill separate quality standards. Same as a car license, to run a boat, you will need to meet the basic needs, testing standards, and age requirements. Know what different requirements you need to fulfill for the license

  • Boat Power and Size: Boat licenses are not required to run boats with a power of less than 4.5 KW (roughly six horsepower). So, if you are purchasing a small dinghy boat with a small outboard or electric motor, there is no need for a license. It is legal to drive a boat without a license under the guidance of a valid license holder sitting in your boat.
  • Licencing Course: The main focus of the licensing course is on maritime safety skills. Tidal, impounded waterways, and ocean can bring several possible hazards that may not be simple to spot. Finishing the need to get a boat license, you can grow your maritime safety skills. This ensures improved safety for the general people and yourself.

Can’t Run a Boat Without a License

To drive a boat, your minimum age should be 16 years old, and you will need to complete a Boatsafe course. For instance, there’s a separate course if you want a personal watercraft license to run vessels like jet ski than a regular boat. Thus, before purchasing any boat from aluminium boat builders in Brisbane, do check with license requirements to run it.