In today's world, there are various forms of diamonds and other gemstones that are suitable for engagement rings. You can choose from marquise, princess, oval, round and even heart pieces. But what if you want something different that deviates from this popular choice?

You can buy different styles of rings like halo via Luxe Gemmes. Many well-known jewelers are now making pear pieces available to potential buyers, and the response has been overwhelming in recent years. Also known as the teardrop or pendulous shape, the pear-shaped diamond consists of a traditional round and awning shape. You will notice that one side of the stone is perfectly round while the other is tapering towards the top.

The reasons for choosing a pear-shaped engagement ring are:

  • They help you show your unique side because they are not as popular as more traditional diamond cuts.

  • The views associated with this type of gemstone cut are unlimited and different settings and side stones can be added to the ring.

  • A pear-shaped engagement ring is made up of 58 facets and doesn't require the same level of clarity as is required for a simple shape like a princess cut.

Pear-shaped gemstones must meet the following cutting standards:

  • The flat surface of the diamond must cover 51 percent of the surface area of the gemstone.

  • The bottom of the diamond (culet) must be small and reach a very sharp point.

Especially when choosing a diamond, quality in relation to this length and width is a very important factor. However, with pear-shaped gems, this rule can be broken, as the ideal ration should vary between 1.45 and 1.75. Remember that the length of the stone does not affect its value.