Raw honey is one of the most sought-after products on the market so far. Although it can be obtained from certain flowers and other insects, the main source of honey is beekeeping. Beekeepers will have acres of bee colonies to meet global consumption needs. 

Everyone loves honey for breakfast, but there are many medicinal uses as well. Raw honey is one of the best sweeteners available today and has been used for centuries. People love to use it as an alternative sweetener and its demand makes beekeeping a very profitable industry. You can now easily get bee product jars for sale online. 

Raw honey: 7 health benefits and possible risks

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Bees secrete honey as a form of food for the winter months when other sources are depleted. A typical beehive has a uterus, several hundred males, and up to forty thousand workers. 

There are many types of honey and the taste is determined by the flower from which the nectar comes. The most common honey you buy at the store is a mixed variety that comes from several different flowers.

Raw honey is extracted from most modern hives simply by removing a wooden slide with a built-in honeycomb structure. This structure is used by the bees to store honey so you just have to dry it and pour it back in. 

This keeps the colony intact and only the extra honey is removed. Because if you take all the honey, the bees have nothing left and a dead bee hive will be bad for the beekeeping.