Fulfillment center operations consist of the work that helps deliver online orders to your door also known as the order fulfillment process. Inventory of e-commerce companies is strategically stored in the 3PL fulfillment center in preparation for fulfilling customer orders. 

Fulfillment center in Canada is a third-party service provider that processes and ships products your customers purchased. After a shopper makes a purchase at an e-commerce store, inventory is collected and boxes are packaged and then labeled for shipping.

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A fulfillment center can process business-to-business (B2B) orders typically large quantities of products shipped to large retailers and business-to-consumer (B2C) orders that are shipped direct for delivery to individual consumers' private addresses.

A fulfillment center is often used interchangeably with the term “fulfillment center”. Self-defense is fundamentally different. A warehouse is usually a place where inventory is stored, whereas a fulfillment warehouse has many responsibilities other than storage.

Ideally, the stock should not be in the fulfillment center for more than a month, otherwise, the merchant may have to pay high holding fees. However, sellers need to proactively send more inventory to their fulfillment centers to ensure they always have sufficient products in stock prior to shipment.

The role of a warehouse or on-demand warehousing solution is to store products, while the role of a fulfillment center is to effectively meet customer expectations around delivery. This is possible when retailers keep inventory in fulfillment centers close to their customers to reduce shipping costs, transit time, and delivery area.