The Color Changing LED allows creating a colorful and dynamic ambiance with just a touch. LED tapes share many similarities with its single-color counterpart, including the ability to design. It offers a fully interactive lighting experience with some distinctive differences.

With the advancements in technology, beautiful color changing lights opens a new realm of possibilities when it comes to facade and exterior illumination. LEDs used on these lights are available in different colors and look attractive. The color-changing tape uses RGB LED Chips that can create a wide range of  colors.

color changing lights

RGB (Red Green and Blue) represent the primary colors that the LEDs mix at their source. These chips can produce a wider range of colors in different quantities and they are also able to replicate a much larger spectrum of colors.

Each LED produces a color by sending signals that are sent to the internal LEDs via the signal wires on the core cable. These signals are generated by an LED controller which can be controlled remotely via an infra-red sensor or radio frequency. The controller is an extra unit that is placed between the strip light and the LED driver.

In the UK, programming an LED Tape is easy and can be done using the remote control provided with the controller. RGB tape can be programmed with variable brightnesses and speeds, in addition to a variety of static colors.

An LED amplifier may be required if you have a large installation. They are used to increase the signal strength of LED Strip Lights and to renew the amplitude electrical current.

RGB LEDs in the UK add color to the ceilings and upper walls. They are a great showcase for this versatile, energy-efficient technology.