Every year, Muslim females have had to face the challenge of finding a suitable swimsuit that is in line with the Koran that obliges women to be covered except for their hands, face, and feet. The swimwear on the market was not intended for Muslim women due to their tendency to show off skin or was not suitable for swimming. 

For a market not dominated by major market shareholders such as Nike dispersing small companies, they decided to design something that would be beneficial to Muslimahs. You can buy Islamic swimsuits via www.seisorelle.com/pages/islamic-swimwear.

The Bodykini comes in two different colors to pick from and comes with two distinct characteristics. The first one is two elastic bands connected to the waist and are tacked onto the bodysuit to prevent your suit from floating off in the event of an initial dive with feet. The other characteristic is the tiny pocket that has a zipper inside the pants. This is great to store small things like keys or even money.

Now, with products such as Bodykini the two issues, namely satisfying the Islamic customs and requirements, as well as the accessibility of a comfortable and relaxing female swimming suit are solved. Bodykini is accessible on the internet too. 

In addition, Bodykini has launched within the Middle East and is available in Dubai at Al Boom Marine retail stores as well as at Dubai Ladies Club. The Bodykini modest swimsuit is getting fashionable not just among the Muslim populace, but also among women who like to protect their bodies from tanning while enjoying the tranquil waters.