There is nothing worse than approaching your car and realizing someone struck you with their door or automobile and fled the area. Here it is, your lovely car, wrecked by someone else's carelessness, and you have no way to defend yourself because they are too afraid to do the right thing. 

You're looking for an expensive dent removal just because you made a quick trip to the grocery store. You just turned your four-dollar bun into a thousand-dollar outing. However, it doesn't have to be like that. There are much cheaper, faster, and often more effective ways to fix the problem. Paintless car door dent elimination might be the answer to your problem.

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Most of the bumps can be repaired without any trace ever. Skilled technicians have developed various tools and techniques to remove these stains while leaving the original color in place. The trend started with car rental companies looking for inexpensive ways to repair minor damage to their fleet without removing the car from their fleet or paying for expensive bodywork.

With these new tools and techniques, dent removal can often be done quickly and without puttying, sanding, or repainting. After that, beatings were rarely seen. This new process saves time and money, which is why insurers are increasingly allowing coverage for it and even offering incentives by waving excess if the no-paint method is chosen over more traditional repairs.