The most important events in your life are usually associated with many different images, not just one: weddings, religious events, baby showers, special birthdays, golden anniversaries, etc.

Oftentimes, framing a single photo or snap is not enough to capture the feelings and emotions of a precious event, especially when you want to share it with someone special in a special way. You can find the best photo collages online at

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Custom collage photo frames allow you to organize multiple photos into a theme that commemorates a specific event or celebrates someone special. They have all the features of custom photo frames for photos.

The simplest type of custom collage photo frame allows you to place three or four photos – usually the same size – in one frame. This more advanced version of custom photo frames offers more appeal as it allows you to fit photos of different sizes and shapes within the same frame.

But if you want to unleash your creativity, opt for an engraved photo frame type that allows you to juxtapose photos of different sizes and shapes at different angles, sometimes even at different levels with multiple backs to create a three-dimensional effect.

It's as easy as you choose the type of custom collage frame you want, write the custom message or sentiment you want to engrave (on the frame) in the box on a secure website, then upload the photo file.