In continuation of the conversation, we turned to psychotherapy and counseling.

Q: What is the reason people go to counseling or therapy?

A: To cover a wide array of circumstances and concerns that are inherent to the human situation. If you are looking for counselling & psychotherapy in Dublin, find a therapist online.

Q: If you are a therapist or counselor, are you working differently according to one of these questions? What determines the client's issues?

A: Yes. In essence, there are diff types of relationships: therapist, counselor as well as a depth psychotherapist. The fourth is a spiritual guide or mentor. As a psycho-spiritual therapist, I anticipate that they can easily transition between these categories of my job and my function according to the needs needed.

Q: Who can do this? What I am referring to is that since the capabilities of therapists are inextricably linked with the characteristics of a human being to an enormous extent and what are the special sources that are exclusive to the therapy's domain?

A: sense you're right that Therapists are caring human beings. However, there's a little additional aspect. In addition, caring may require challenging, profound acceptance and being able to listen, empathize deep receptivity, significant resistance to solving issues, and a broad sensibility. 

Holistic sensitivity refers to such as listening through the whole body and being able to be able to hear the unconscious voice of another and practicing without judgment with total consciousness, and permitting senses and supra-senses flow freely through the body, to pick up from someone else as much truth of their current situation as you can.