You're buying coverage that will assist you in emergencies when you travel or your vehicle is damaged. Roadside assistance plans ensure that someone is there to help you if you have an emergency such as a flat tire or run out of fuel. You'll need to shop around for the right company that provide roadside help in San Antonio, TX.

Before you begin shopping, make sure to familiarize yourself with the types of roadside assistance coverage that are available. Also, consider how your vehicle and household drivers will impact your plan.

Basic coverage

As part of their standard coverage, most roadside assistance plans provide certain types of coverage. These types of coverage include basic assistance such as retrieving your keys if you lock them in your car; and towing your vehicle if your vehicle is beyond repair. These are the exact reasons why most companies won't allow you to customize your options.


Roadside assistance plans typically cover only one vehicle. However, the coverage for other drivers varies from plan to plan. It might not matter how many drivers your plan covers if you are the only driver in your household. 


Most roadside assistance plans will only cover one vehicle, as stated above. You can add more vehicles to your roadside assistance plan to ensure that you are covered.