Security companies and their security personnel must delegate the arrest and confrontation of criminals to local law enforcement agencies. In many cases, security guards work in banks, jewelry stores, and other places where police are quick to respond to crime alerts. 

In other cases, security guards work in shopping centers and residential areas where the offenses committed are less serious, such as petty theft, vandalism and violence. You can now find the best security guard agencies very easily. 

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Local law enforcement agencies are usually reluctant to immediately respond to such crimes because of their busy and limited resources. They will respond to lesser crimes when they have the time and resources and no other more pressing task. 

In many cases the police will react with extreme trepidation, because manipulation and detention in some cities is so widespread that police control is impossible. If the police really went after every culprit, there would be no time or resources for anything else.

It is the responsibility of security advisors and security companies to develop good relations with local law enforcement agencies. On the first day the security company moves to a new location, notify local law enforcement and introduce the security advisor to the commander. 

This ensures better communication in the future and security advisors can obtain valuable information about the challenges and risk factors in the area. Good connections also increase reaction times to police calls and increase the attention police officers pay to certain objects during their routine checks.