Airsoft has become an increasingly popular option for individuals searching for a fun, competitive, and completely intense way to spend their weekends hanging out with their buddies. Thanks to the relatively low financial barrier for entry and participation, especially when compared to paintball, Airsoft has experienced steady growth with regards to participants and popularity. 

New participants often wonder about the best types of airsoft equipment to purchase and utilize. While much of the selection process comes down to individual preference, there are a few general rules to follow with regards to each type of equipment.


Eyewear should be the primary concern of every new Airsoft participant. While bruised body parts are painful reminders of a great weekend, a detached retina or some other form of ocular damage can lead to permanent vision impairment or even blindness. However, while protection is the most important aspect of eyewear, overall visibility is a close second when it comes to importance.

Overall visibility is often impaired through dirt and other debris that can collect on the surface of a pair of safety goggles or eyewear. Luckily, many of the higher end goggle models are designed with ultra slick surfaces that repel dust and other detriments.

These goggles are also often designed or specially treated in order to be fog resistant. In some instances, the lens is also polarized, which can reduce glare and visibility impairment as a result of the sun reflecting off of large flat surfaces, such as a slick 

surface or large body of water.


Selecting clothing for participation in Airsoft is a complicated process, completely dependent on individual preference. The first issue participants must consider when selecting clothing is concealment and visibility against the surrounding terrain. 

Additionally, protection from the elements, be it precipitation or temperature extremes, is a concern for many participants. Clothing designed to draw sweat and moisture away from the body is extremely popular because it is often light-weight and skin-tight.

However, aside from basic clothing concerns, the protection afforded by the clothing is also a factor; generally speaking, tighter clothing provides less impairment with regards to range of motion, allowing more unimpeded movement, but baggier clothing absorbs more of the kinetic energy that the Airsoft targets transfer to their target during impact.