If you are looking to start golf and have never picked up a club in your life or have made a few brief attempts to play the game, then my beginner golf tips below will help you to start golf on the right foot.

This simple advice will make sure that you avoid some of the pitfalls which could otherwise get you into bad habits and compromise you're reaching your full potential. There are many golf schools available that can provide the best golf tips for beginners in the US.

Correct Golf Grip – Having a bad golfing grip will cause no end of problems down the line in your golfing career. So applying the correct golf grip is an absolute must and should be the very first golfing technique that you work on and get right.

Golf Lesson – Make sure that when you start golf, you learn the correct techniques and mechanics of a golf swing and one which will work for your physical shape and abilities. Either visit your local pro and book some lessons or if you prefer to teach yourself, there are some excellent golfing e-books, golf books, DVDs,s or instructions and tips available online.

A decent set of Golf Clubs – When you start golf it is not necessary to buy the most expensive set of clubs on the market, but you want a set that is tailored to your physical strength, height, and shape. Having a mismatched set of clubs or ones which do not fit properly will have a seriously negative impact on your golfing performance.

Regular Practice – As golf is motorsport it is necessary to train and keep your muscle memory as sharp as possible. Try to find as much time as you can to practice all areas of your golf skills. Set up a golf practicing schedule that you can stick to.