If you own a BMW, you may be interested in getting the best engine performance out of your high-performance vehicle. Installing a high flow secondary exhaust system is one of the easiest and most popular ways to modify your car to improve engine performance. In fact, ask any performance conscious auto modifier and this is probably the first thing they will offer you. You can easily buy the best BMW Magnaflow exhaust system online via xforce.eu/catalogue/BMW.

But one thing that worries most first-time modifiers is the overall warranty issue. There is a big misconception that once you replace something available at the factory with an aftermarket part, you will void the warranty. Honestly, that's not true. While there are certain parts and types of modifications that will void your warranty, be sure to check any proposed work on your car, simply replacing your factory exhaust system with a good aftermarket version like the exhaust will not void your car's warranty.

How about a paint-back system?

Most high-quality state legal systems are designed to be installed after the catalytic converter, so the answer here is the same. Installing a cat-back secondary exhaust system should not compromise warranty issues. Most aftermarket exhaust systems, including the BMW Magnaflow exhaust system, require no plumbing modifications and should not cause emissions problems. Of course, as with any machine operation, repair or installation, it is important to ensure that your after-sales service exhaust system is properly installed.