Facebook Chatbot is a new application that mimics a real conversation in Facebook Messenger by answering the user's queries and delivering instant answers in real-time. Unlike the services provided by Facebook's in-house social network, chat Bots are fast, making them ideal for customer support. Often, Facebook chat Bots are also known as Facebook Messenger Bots, and there is a reason for it. Unlike its counterparts who deliver pre-written text responses or those that respond using canned lines, a chat bot delivers personalized responses to the questions it has been asked. As such, these virtual assistants have become a very integral part of business communication.

Here are some of the major advantages of having a Facebook Chatbot:

* Creates valuable customer experience: For large and medium-sized companies working on multiple platforms, customer service plays a crucial role. It is important to have your employees able to personally touch and interact with their customers. Through the use of Facebook chat bots, businesses can personalize their conversations and build better relationships with their clients. For example, through a Facebook chatbot, a company can easily measure the performance of its sales representatives or check how each employee performs according to company objectives.

* Helps reduce labor costs: One of the key problems facing many companies today is labor cost, especially in light of the globalization phenomenon. Many companies have outsourced functions to low-cost Asian countries, which often lead to poor service standards and a loss of productivity. Facebook chat bots specifically are designed to handle requests from Facebook users, translating requests to understandable output in English.

* Improves customer service: One of the reasons why Facebook chatbots have become popular is because of their value to customer service departments. Customer service representatives typically spend a lot of time chatting with potential and current customers. Bots can be programmed to carry out these tasks automatically for businesses. This, again, improves customer service for both sides.

* Provides a competitive edge: Facebook chat bots have been designed with several features that help achieve a higher level of competitiveness. Bots are able to process larger quantities of information at a lower rate. In addition, they are able to process information faster, thanks to their general intelligence. Bots have proven to be useful to many businesses in terms of improving customer service, increasing productivity, reducing labor costs, and building stronger customer relations.

* Strengthen business ties: Messenger bots have the ability to connect companies and their customers, resulting in improved and stronger business ties. Through their conversational capabilities, Facebook Live chat bots can help companies interact with existing and potential customers live. They can also be programmed to perform tasks like posting status updates and sharing pictures. The possibilities for what automated bots can do on Facebook are limited only by what can be programmed into them. When combined with Facebook's other applications, these features make customer service representatives work even easier.

* Builds customer loyalty: If Messenger Bot can help customer support agents to build a stronger relationship with a customer, it can help those same agents to build stronger relationships with potential and current clients. That leads to more referrals, more sales, and a more solid grasp of the customer base. Through its conversational abilities, the Facebook Chatbot will also be able to interact with Facebook members and help them understand new offers, promotions, and news. The best of all, though, is that a lead generation campaign can be started with just a few clicks of the mouse. Unlike other lead generation tools, the Facebook Chatbot will not require any additional information from the person wanting to get information. This makes it incredibly easy for interested parties to get involved, creating a substantial wave of people who are ready to join the conversation.

With its wide range of uses and capabilities, the Facebook Chatbot has the ability to do many things that its competitors cannot. It may be possible that a competitor could copy some or all of these innovations, but that would surely be a risky move for a giant like Facebook to do. Therefore, we think that while Facebook Chat Bots is here to stay, they will likely continue to evolve and improve upon their existing capabilities. Eventually, though, perhaps they will become as powerful as Facebook's other Messenger chats, which will bring even more productivity to Facebook's list of capabilities.