Corporations and admin personnel will be happy to know that with the right eye, one can find an ideal Christmas gourmet hamper with free delivery and fits their recipients' taste perfectly. The best part? Even a quality Christmas gourmet hamper in Singapore can be economical, and mass sent to a number of customers to thank them for their support throughout the year.

What can one expect from Christmas gourmet hampers that come with free hamper delivery and cost below S$100? 

Here are some tips to get started:

Tip 1: Make a List of Recipients

Even a simple list typed out in an Excel spreadsheet works wonders. In addition to ensuring everyone is included, a list helps identify common traits shared by recipients which could make Christmas shopping much simpler. 

Tip 2: Shop Early, Especially if Buying in Bulk

As many businessmen are well aware, shopping early often meant having the time to compare products, thus maximizing the value of the products to be bought. For Christmas hampers, however, buying early gives its buyers the added advantage of being given early bird discounts which could prove to be an amazing treat, especially if the business is looking to mass send its Christmas hampers and must buy in bulk. 

Tip 3: Estimate Cost and Understand Budgeting

How much should an MNC set aside for its lower-tier clients? How much can an SME afford to set aside for its top-tier clients? What can one expect from Christmas gourmet hampers that come with free delivery and cost S$300 and above?

Take a look at the list of Simply Hamper's Christmas gourmet hampers to understand the impact and benefits brought about by different Christmas gourmet hampers at different prices.