Knowing what questions to ask when hiring a new computer consulting firm can save you a lot of hassle in the long run. But knowing what to ask for and what to look out for can also be tricky, especially when you're hiring an independent contractor instead of someone you have on your payroll. However, the following tips are meant to help you find a qualified and experienced IT consultant who will meet your business needs. You can also discover the professional virtual CIO from LecsIT.

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Full time or part time consultant? When hiring an IT consultant, consider whether your company requires full-time technical services or can only manage part-time consultants. If you have a small business, you may only need to hire an independent contractor or part-time consultant. However, if you have a larger business, it may be worth using a full-service consulting service.

Who are the people who work for the consulting firm?

When interviewing a consultant, ask if he or she is part of a larger company. If so, ask how many people work for the company. What are their professions, origins and specialties? Will they be involved in advising your company? The more appropriately you inquire about consulting firm employees, the better you can smell if they are professionals providing the high-quality service you need.