Pajero Sport is a premium SUV offering from Nissan. The company offers a variety of SUVs, including the Pajero and the Adventure. 

A Pajero Sport “nudge bar” is a feature found on some models, which differs from standard steering column features in that it tilts down to allow for easier entry into the vehicle, as well as making it easier to get out of the vehicle when exiting with children or luggage.

The Pajero Sport Nudge Bar is a feature found on certain models of the Pajero Sport. It's a small, plastic bar that sits between the driver and passenger seats, and helps to nudge the car into a straight line when parking. 

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How Does a Pajero Sport Nudge Bar Work?

A Pajero Sport Nudge Bar is an extra safety feature that is fitted to some of the models. The nudge bar is a metal bar that sits in front of the driver and nudges them forward if they start to drift off the road. This helps to keep them on track and safe, and can also be used to wake up the driver if they have fallen asleep.

If you’re looking for a custom fit car seat, the Pajero Sport “Nudge Bar” is an excellent option. This car seat was designed specifically to integrate with the unique design of the Pajero Sport, and it provides a snug fit that prevents your child from shifting around in the seat.