When it comes to sending birthday invitations, timing is everything. If you invite people too far in advance, they are likely to forget about the event and not show up. If you send the invitations to a child's birthday party too late, chances are the family and the invited child already have plans for the date.

Therefore, the timing of the delivery of birthday invitations is increasingly important. You can also make birthday party invitations customised according to the birthday theme.

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It's a great idea to send out birthday invitations for a child's birthday party about two weeks in advance. This gives people enough time to plan their attendance, but not too long to forget about the event entirely.

Other tips for children's parties and ideas for birthday invitations

1) Keep food simple and kid-friendly by serving something like pizza and punch.

2) Cupcakes may be easier for smaller hands to handle than cake, so consider a modern "cupcake cake." You can order them at most bakeries and get them in almost any shape or with any birthday theme.

3) If you want the eating process to be a more entertaining activity, consider letting each guest freeze and decorate their own cupcake!

4) Make sure to let your guests know what you will be serving on the birthday invitations you sent. They will be curious if they should eat ahead or wait for your tasty party treats to be served.