There is no physical Marijuana addiction. This is the best way to begin any article about Marijuana addiction. Ex-smokers of marijuana are a stark contrast to ex-cigarette smokers. Ask a former smoker. 

A marijuana smoker, or Cannabis smoker, is a person who has stopped using cannabis. This is because marijuana isn't addictive. Smokers will often tell you that it was difficult to quit smoking cigarettes.  To get reliable cannabis addiction treatment, you can also browse around this site.

Some do it cold, while others use drugs such as Wellbutrin and smoking cessation programs. But, it is not easy to stop smoking cannabis. (Medical Marijuana can be used for addiction recovery, for those who are looking for a natural remedy).

While cannabis use is enjoyable for most people, a small number of people will become addicted to it. The 1994 National Comorbidity Survey found that 9% of people who used marijuana were "dependent". 

However, this does not necessarily mean that they are daily marijuana smokers. The rate of cannabis "dependence", also known as mental marijuana addiction, was the lowest among all the substances in the study.

The majority of people who are addicted to marijuana are actually physically addicted to it. There are many Marijuana addiction Treatment programs. However, most of the patients are not having difficulty quitting marijuana. 

They were either caught with marijuana by the police or their school and are now receiving treatment to help them avoid harsher punishments.

Doctors have seen amazing results since the legalization and use of medical cannabis for addiction recovery. Doctors are well aware that opiates, although they are often prescribed for pain relief, can also be addictive and have dangerous side effects.