No matter where you are currently employed, there is a good chance that you need further education to maintain your accountant certificate. Continuing professional education for accountants is not difficult. You can navigate to to acquire CPE accounting services as it requires very little time and maintenance.

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You can start easily enough; by simply searching for "professional accounting professionals," you will find many websites designed to provide you with their services. Most websites will allow a few ways to complete the course, either online completely, or by post. 

One effective option is to get a PDF version of your ongoing professional accounting for accountants. Once you have the PDF version, you can print and read at your own time, using or without a computer.

If you do not have a printer, another option is to complete all online CPE accounting training. This may be difficult for your eyes, but you will not need to print anything. Another benefit of continuing your online education is that you can easily learn the things you need. Once you are done with the online stuff, you will not have any extra paper waiting to be recycled. With this option, you are getting greener and more resilient to trees and nature than wasting paper you will not need later.