A brewery is a place where beer is brewed, and which has machines for its production. Brewing is the process of making beer, wine, or other beverages from malted barley and other grains.

In theory, it's simple: hot water and malted grains are heated until the starch in the grain breaks down and ferments, yielding alcohol and carbon dioxide. You can also look for top brewery restaurants in Fayetteville.

The process mostly consists of three main steps: 

1) mashing the malt to convert it into wort; 

2) boiling the wort to extract the sugar and other soluble compounds; 

3) fermenting the wort with yeast.

But brewing is more than just a formula. The brewer must carefully select the malt, hops, water temperature, and fermentation conditions to create the desired flavor profile and results.

Brewing has a long and colorful history that goes back to ancient Egypt. Archeological evidence suggests that beer was brewed as early as 3000 BC. Early civilizations brewed various types of beers including rice beer, mead, and even wort, a mixture of water and malt used to start brewers' yeast.

The modern brewing industry began in the mid-1500s when Wouter van Beurden of Brussels patented a method for making malt extractible from germs. Van Beurden's process allowed brewers to produce higher-quality beers by using lower-quality ingredients. This led to the birth of lager brewing which is now the most popular type of beer worldwide.