The first mention of gorgeous Cashmere Shawls in the western fashion scene appears to have been around the mid-way through the 18th century. Cashmere shawls are very popular nowadays. You can also visit to get a cashmere shawl.

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A paper from the same time mentions these "as one of the finest woolen production around the globe, so highly sought-after in the East and is now popular within England".At the close of the 18th century, we can find evidence of the use of 'Cashmere' shawls the nobles of Europe and in portraits of the period. The formal and rigid dress was replaced by softer flowing and flowing fashions, which made the use of draped 'Cashmere' shawls as well as stoles.

The trend of returning to the classics and antiques' that took place towards the close that of the 18th century, further encouraged the use of cashmere" shawls.

In France, The earliest documents of Cashmere wraps speak of them being presented as gifts to French rulers by Ambassadors to Tipu Sultan around 1787. It is also possible that the gorgeous cashmere wraps came to France through England or even accompanied the Napoleonic military expedition towards Egypt in 1798, where some soldiers brought back shawls to their women. Napoleon's wife Josephine is believed to have up to 60 to 400 cashmere wraps!

Josephine's support for the fashion was proof of the style, making the delicate cashmere shawl the'doshala' that was rectangular popular throughout Europe!

In the past, the popularity of shawls and stoles was gaining popularity due to their ability to be draped in a variety of ways, and it was cozy and soft. Portraits from the period (froml8th century to the middle of the 19th century) show women wearing the gorgeous cashmere shawl the paisley or any other flower patterns adding the drama and richness that are evident in these portraits!

The 19th century advanced as the industrial revolution swept through and many down-market imitations were sold as jacquard-woven or printed onto cotton (lately on soft viscose). The cheaper drapes allowed women across the globe to have a shawl, and often an imitation!