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Robots: Learning Future In Schooling Autism?

Researchers are currently trialing the effectiveness of a humanoid robot called ‘Milo’ as a teaching tool for children who are affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

It is estimated that 1 in every 100 people have ASD, and it is a condition that affects social interaction, communication, interests, and behavior. Specialist teaching and therapy for children with autism focus on helping them to learn to convey and understand emotions.

This is done by getting them to recognize the conventional ways people express themselves, through a combination of facial expressions and gestures. There are various robots that are working for autistic kids. If you also want a robot for your autistic kid, then you can choose the Misty robot from

However, for children with ASD trying to read a combination of facial expressions and gestures isn’t easy: often they will avoid eye contact and interaction of most kinds. This has prompted scientists to research alternative methods of teaching, which are more tailored to the way ASD children process information.

As a result, researchers are looking to learn methods that incorporate robots. Because of their programming, robots can provide a consistent and fun way for children with autism to learn more about emotions. 

Researchers believe this consistency may be the key to helping autistic children to learn the different facial expressions and gestures people use to display their emotions. The robot also appeals to the way children with autism prefer things that are predictable.

‘NAO’ is “a non-threatening way for learners with ASD to practice their communication and social skills”, verbally delivering lessons using video clips, interactive games, and asking ‘yes or no’ questions. Milo can also help children to:

  • Tune into emotions
  • Express empathy
  • Act more appropriately in social situations
  • Self-motivate
  • Generalize the population

Trials have so far proven successful, with lots of positive feedback from school staff and education therapists on the progress of pupils.

A Basic Guide To Boutique Fuzz Pedals

Fuzz clipping transforms the waveform from our guitar into a nearly square waveform. This is called "hard clipping", and it's done to extreme levels. This results in a very different sound than the clean, clear waveform that we hear coming from our guitars. acoustic fuzz treadle circuits are simple. Most don't even need an opamp.

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These will often use transistors, much like a Boost pedal. Because it is so easy to modify, Fuzz pedals often have a boost option. As I said earlier, there are different types of transistors. Some use germanium transistors while others use silicon-based ones. If you have a germanium-based pedal you need to monitor the temperature. They can heat up and change the tone. 

There are many things you may have heard about fuzz, distortion, and overdrive. Although I was taught to place the fuzz near your guitar, or perhaps just behind the wah, I have always found it enjoyable to play with the signal chain and find something different. I would advise you to do the same. You don't have to conform to conventional wisdom. Many cool sounds can be made in the space between signal chain placements and what conventionalists consider to be completely stupid.

There are many ways to "stack" your distorted waveforms. You can also a fuzz pedal to clip a hard-clipped fuzz signal. You can make some very interesting combinations. This can be fun to experiment with, especially if your modeler or software allows you to easily change the chain without having to buy 7 or 8 individual pedals.

You can do tone shaping and gain staging with your pedalboard by making sure that you have a clean canvas and an amp with enough headroom to handle any unusual waveforms.

All About The Flash Memory Role In Texas Instruments

Flash Programmer is used for programming flash memory in Texas Instruments ARM-based low power RF wireless MCUs via the debug or serial interfaces.

The Flash programmer can be used to program Flash memory in Texas 8051 low power RF wireless MCUs and for upgrading the firmware and startup loader of the SMARTRRF05 Evaluation Card, Smart Transmitter D Evaluation (TRXeB), and CC-Debugger. If you are looking for the best programmer for Texas Instruments' MSP430/432, SimpleLink (CC), C2000, and TIVA-C MCUsthen you can get it from 


  • Image programming of SW on low power RF wireless MCU 

  • Programming / Update Firmware and Startup Charger on 'USB MCU Evaluation Boards

  • Add a software image to the existing software on the device

  • Read the image of the device software in binary, hexagonal, or elves (elf and bin for ARM devices only)

  • Check the software image on the device against the file

  • Programming flash lock bits

  • Reading / Write Mac Addresses (IEEE EUI64 / 48 / BLE)

  • Read the device information page

  • Command-line interface


Flash programmer 1 and flash programmer 2 are compatible with 32- and 64-bit Microsoft(r) Windows 7 or Windows 10.

Installation Recommendations

  • Save the ZIP file to your hard disk. 

  • For more information on the release, please refer to the manifest file.

  • Follow the instructions and run the setup file. 

Hi-Tech Service Management Solution For Better Customer Service

With the advancement of technology and the easy availability of the Internet, service management has become more important. Small businesses can reap the benefits of service management methods such as software or procedures.

If you want to know more about the Hi-Tech service management solution then you can visit our official website


Advanced service management software offers many appealing features. This software is built on HTML5 browser technology. It is therefore not necessary to install the apps to make it easier to swap devices. These processes are automatic.

Intelligent SMS technology can be used to manage service management software. It is based upon two-way threading, which means that outbound and inbound messages are matched according to the appropriate responses.

The software's built-in mobile workforce tracking feature allows supervisors to monitor the progress of any job from any location. Surveys are easy to conduct because they can be easily configured on a mobile device. Supervisors and managers can monitor the progress of work and perform well with their mobile devices. 

Customer service – Enhanced

Service providers have no choice but to provide top-quality services to retain their existing customers and attract new ones. A proven approach to service management is effective in achieving the desired result. Effective service management can be achieved by implementing the right software as technology affects business operations.