Kids, even adults, cannot reject the happiness from the inflatable world. Due to the popularity of inflatable toys, there are more than 3,200,000 results will be shown if you search inflatable from Google or Yahoo. Therefore, how to get inflatables with high quality and a suitable price is not so easy. This article is to help you become a professional to select inflatables.

First, get inflatable products directly. With the process of globalization, more and more companies have employees that can speak English. So why not get someone directly? The trading company and middleman can just make troubles and increase your budget.

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balls inflatable structure / structure gonflable avec des balls

Faced with the thousands of inflatable suppliers, the next challenge for you is to distinct the best one that can offer high quality products. It is not the time to compare the price. Although almost every company declares that their material is 0.55mm tarpaulin and more than 80% people trust it, but the fact is not always true. Hence, you must be careful.

For example, if the suppliers say that the use 0.6mm or 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin to sew inflatable bouncer and slides, please ignore and look for next one. As they are just trying to attract you to purchase by thicker material. 0.55mm PVC tarpaulin has been regarded to the best material for stitched inflatable games. If you are professional on inflatable products, you will know clearly 0.6mm or 0.9mm is just used to make sealed inflatable, such as paintball bunkers, water trampoline and inflatable boat.