A few years ago when the iPhone hit the market, the marketers and brands started developing apps for iPhone users. So now instead of investing the money and time just on apps, marketers started thinking on reaching the customers on all the touch points like phones, tablets and now, the wearables.

People find themselves idle while swiping through the Glances to know what’s happening, it looks like one of the most common interactions is getting a notification, checking it on the watch and taking actions right from there. 

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With these many advantages and huge popularity of Apple Watch, several major ecommerce companies already have live applications in Apple Watch app stores and they are so confident that they bet that the consumers will want to interact with them on even smaller screens.

So these ecommerce sites for Apple Watch will be another step in delivering the friction free shopping experience to the customers.

Meanwhile, many companies have also developed an app for Apple Watch to facilitate their customers. This app will let you know when you receive an order with just a buzz on your wrist. With this app, you can also track the important details like sales data and order volume without going to your laptop or the phone.