With increasing uncertainty about the stock market and investing, it is understandable that more and more people are looking for better ways to invest their super for a comfortable retirement. Learning how to use your annuity to buy property can help you make safer investments and ensure that your financial future is well planned and successful.

If you prefer a more practical way of using your super money, SMSF might be the choice for you. SMSF is an ideal funding choice for individuals who have the time, knowledge, and resources to manage a fund and thus wish to invest in options to increase their retirement potential. You can also get more information about SMSF tax returns via www.rwkaccountancy.com.au/smsf/.

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With a super fund that you manage yourself, you can buy the property and prepare for retirement. For residential properties, you can use your SMSF for deposits, operating costs, and acquisition costs and borrow up to 70% from a trusted bank or lender.

If you have other assets in your Super, they are all protected and your creditors only have legal protection for the property in question. Your super fund pays for any shortfalls and you receive profits you didn't have at your own expense.

If you think owning property is your key to a happy retirement, learning how to use an annuity to buy property will be even more beneficial.