The services of contractors or paint removal companies are employed to restore historic buildings in their original condition. This will ensure that lead paint removal is done with care and respect.

Why Old Paint Must be Scraped, or removed?

Removing paint with a high-pressure technique is a great way to improve the quality of your painting job by creating a smooth, shiny surface that shines with brilliance and texture. You can easily hire professionals for paint stripping in Perth from various online resources.

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If the old paint is not removed, scraping will prolong the life of the paint. It is not recommended to remove paint by heavy scraping in historic properties unless absolutely necessary. Regular maintenance consists of light scraping, hand-sanding, and cleaning.

Wooden paint is more durable than bare wood because it sticks better to the existing paint. The old paint should still stick to the wood in a consistent manner, provided that the surface has been prepared properly for repainting. 

If there are deep cracks in the surface or large blistering and peeling, you will need to remove all old paint before you can repaint it. 

Paint removal from buildings, particularly historical ones or homes, has caused a lot of damage and is still expensive today. This painstaking process has led to many regrettable events, including major reconstruction, contract cancellation, and even the filing of a lawsuit.