It can be difficult to shop for some women. It is possible to not knowing her measurements, her preferences in colors, or style. A beautiful bracelet is a great choice for birthday gifts. Bracelets make great gifts for women because they come in a wide range of styles and are timeless. Designer bracelets from can also be an ideal choice for women's birthday gifts. 

Bracelets from the Ancient World

Archaeologists have found bracelets that date back to 2500 BC. Many jewelry pieces have been discovered in royal burials. It is known that Sumerian women wore bracelets as a way to show their husbands' success. Bracelets were made of gold and gemstone charms by the ancient Egyptians. Charms were considered to be a talisman, protecting their wearer from harm.

Bracelets for the Modern World

Modern jewelry artisans used innovative technologies and techniques to create bracelets that were unique and memorable for women from all cultures and countries. Bracelets were used as wedding gifts, Christmas gifts, anniversary gifts, and birthday gifts. A new trend in contemporary bracelets is the use of fine, flexible gold mesh instead of solid gold.

This allowed women to have multiple bracelets and keep the price down. Jewelry was influenced greatly by the Victorian era. Victorian designs were almost always symbolic of a feeling, so heart-shaped jewelry was a very popular choice. Lockets with a photograph of a loved one were also popular. The practice of engraving bracelets or other jewelry is another Victorian trend.