You don’t need a new camera strap to be a great photographer. The one that came with your camera is perfectly serviceable. But a different style of the strap can make shooting more comfortable, fit your shooting need better or simply make a fashion statement.  

The top reason to get a new camera strap is to make long periods of carrying your camera more comfortable and easier on your body. You can also buy a camera strap via

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One decision you’ll need to make when choosing a camera strap is material.  Camera straps come in:






Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.  Generally, nylon, webbing and paracord camera straps are the cheapest and most widely available.  They are also waterproof and fairly durable.  Neoprene is also waterproof and can provide some extra padding at contact points but can be hotter.  Leather looks classy and can be super comfortable, but certain colors and weights might not stand up to the elements as well.

The next decision you need to make when choosing a camera strap is style.  Do you want one that goes around your neck? Enables you to go hands-free?  Or keeps your camera close at hand?

Neck-straps can be any material.  They are easy to find, can be adjusted to your desired length, and are usually easy to attach.  One of the major drawbacks of neck-straps, though, is that they put the full weight of your camera on your neck, which can cause physical pain.  Look for a wider strap to help distribute the weight.