The first step in making ice cream is choosing the ingredients. Articles can be divided into dairy and non-dairy components. Dairy products.

The second step is to determine the mix. Knowledge of calculations is required to produce legally compliant quality ice cream, but the mix can be determined very easily using simple methods. You can buy the best ice cream machine if you want to start an ice cream business.

Always prefer the best quality milk and other ingredients as they determine the quality of the final product, i. Ice cream. Put the milk in a bowl and let it warm. At a temperature of about 50 °C milk, slowly add solid ingredients such as skim milk powder, butter, and sugar to mix thoroughly into the hot milk. 

The ice cream mixture was cooled to 0-5 °C immediately after homogenization and stored in an aging tank at this temperature for 3 to 4 hours. Maturation of the ice cream mixture is not required when sodium alginate is used as a stabilizer. Aging improves the body and texture of ice cream, increases melt resistance and increases maximum overflow.

After the aging process is complete, the ice cream mixture is frozen in a periodic freezer or continuous ice cream freezer. Usually, color and flavor are added to aged ice cream right before it is put in the freezer, or it can be added directly to the freezer.

In the freezer, the ice cream mixture is rapidly frozen with constant stirring to trap air to create and control the formation of large numbers of tiny ice crystals that give the mass and texture the smooth, smooth taste and desired overflow to the final product. When ice cream is frozen to the desired consistency, it is filled into packages of the desired size and immediately placed in the refrigerator.