Whole bean coffee consists of the coffee beans halves that are found in red cherries. Each red cherry has two halves of a single coffee bean. The outer layer of the red cherry is removed after harvesting. This leaves the beans inside. Whole bean coffee is preferred to preserve the freshness and flavor of the beans from the farm to your cup.

Whole bean coffee is generally more flavorful than coffee that has already been ground. To preserve the full flavor of your coffee beans, we recommend that you grind them right before you brew. Nowadays, you can shop everything related to beverages online. You can choose between whole coffee beans or ground coffee when buying coffee.

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Many grocery stores also offer the option of grinding your beans in-store. You can get the best tasting coffee by buying whole beans and grinding them yourself before you brew. Ground coffee starts "leaking" aroma and flavor once it has been ground. The coffee particles become more susceptible to oxygen and moisture. 

You don't have to sacrifice flavor and aroma by brewing immediately after grinding. Coffee beans of single origin come from one particular location. They are distinctively grown in specific regions. The coffee bean blends take the unique flavors of single-origin beans and combine them to create an array of flavor combinations. 

Single-origin coffee is a good choice if you are new to coffee, or if you don't know what flavor you prefer. This will allow you to narrow down the flavors that you love. Take note of what flavors you like and try each single-origin variety. Once you know what your favorite flavors are, you can experiment to create blends that enhance or accent those flavors.