While felling trees is relatively simple, removing stumps can be a more difficult task. Stumping is a more complicated process than felling, which involves only cutting the tree. To make it easier and quicker to complete, you need to follow a set of techniques.

Many landowners prefer to have stumps removed as they take up valuable space and prevent the construction of new structures. Even if they are covered with vegetation, they can be an eyesore and a nuisance. They can be dangerous and cause injury if they are hidden beneath the foliage. You can hire professionals for tree and stump removal services.

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Here are a few methods you might use.


Hand removal of stumps is only possible for small, old, or rotting ones. You will need a chainsaw, digging bar, and pick mattock. Also, a vehicle with a four-wheel drive is required.

The improper tools can make the operation ineffective or incomplete. The first thing to do is to remove the largest roots as well as the exposed ones using a chainsaw or axe.

By grinding

The grinder is a popular method of removing stains but it should not be attempted by novices. If you don't want to hire professional help, the equipment can be rented.

By burning

Burning is an affordable way to remove stumps. It is used in areas that don't have stump grinders.

You can hire professionals for better service.