FLEX flameless air vents are suitable for a wide range of applications. They have 100% efficiency and can be applied to dust processing technologies with high explosive parameters, including light metal dust. FLEX devices are also certified for explosive dust with very minimum ignition energies and lower temperature values.

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The two main functions of the FLEX outdoor ventilation unit are explosion ventilation and preventing the fire from spreading to the surrounding area where adjacent personnel and equipment may be.

The explosion vent device opens due to the rapidly increasing pressure from the start of the explosion and the FLEX housing absorbs the flame, burning dust, and gases. In contrast to explosive ventilation, FLEX devices are able to absorb these side effects due to their construction. This means the FLEX can be used safely in rooms where personnel and equipment are located.

Explosive vents can reach temperatures of up to 1,500 °C, with light metals such as aluminum and magnesium at around 3,000 °C. Explosive ventilation with FLEX-free equipment lowers the temperature to a safe level that is harmless to surrounding equipment and to the work and movement of personnel.